Designated Buildings

Land Titles Office

The Regina firm of Storey and Van Egmond were the buildings designers. The Romanesque Revival building was constructed by Smith Brothers and Wilson. Construction was completed in 1909. The building was expanded by two thirds its size between 1910 and 1912. In 1959 land titles were transferred to the Law Courts Building. The building was used by various Provincial Government departments until it was sold in 1994.

The new owners, Daniel Shapiro and Mark Brayford, have restored the interior and have relocated their law office to the Land Tiles Office.

The interior false ceilings were removed and interior plaster was fully refurbished.Where possible all that was original was either refurbished, or copied, the marble flooring was replaced. The offices were then built inside the original area. The extensive use of glass and open work areas leaves the old building in clear view from all areas.

The building received Provincial Heritage Property designation in 1985.

The 1996 City of Saskatoon Heritage award for Sympathetic Renovation and Restoration was awarded to the new owners and their architect.




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