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Little Stone School 

The first Victoria School was built in 1887, at Broadway Avenue and 12th Street. Victoria School quickly grew to two buildings. After the third school opened in 1909 the original stone school was no longer needed. Thanks to heritage minded people, the Golden West Chapter of the I.O.D.E., with the support of W.P.Bate, the building was moved stone by stone to a site on campus that the University had offered.

For years it was used for storage by the University. In 1965 as a Centennial project, the Saskatoon Council of Women began the refurbishment of the school. The Little Stone School was reopened in 1967, staffed by volunteers. The school was open for school tours and the public from late spring through the summer. The University took over the operation of the school in 1981. The school was not open in 1994, but programming was arranged for 1995.

The Heritage Society is working with the Diefenbaker Centre and other groups to ensure that this popular heritage building will continue to be accessible in the summer to schools and the public.

The building consists of one large classroom, heated by a pot-bellied iron stove and an ante-room for clothes and equipment. It is pleasantly situated in a quiet spot on the University of Saskatchewan grounds, just off College drive.

Excerpted from GARGOYLE, vol 19, number 1 Ruth Robinson

Little Stone School House



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