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Marr Residence
326 - 11th Street East

The Marr Residence is the oldest building in Saskatoon which is still on it's original site. The house was built in 1884 by Sandy Marr. In 1885 the house served as a field hospital (during the Riel Rebellion). The present owner is the City of Saskatoon, who granted municipal designation as a heritage site in 1982.

Recently, a Marr Residence Management Committee was formed. Programs have been offered in the past at the Marr, it is hoped that the committee will offer programs in the summers.

Excerpted from GARGOYLE volume 19 number 1 Sue Barrett

The Marr Board is seeking interested individuals to help with research, programs, tours and regular weekend openings. The main period of activity will be spring and summer. If you are interested call 665-6887 for more details.

Marr Residence



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