Designated Buildings

Odd Fellows Temple
416 21st Street East 1912

The Saskatoon Lodge #29 was formed in 1903 and the North Star Lodge #67 in 1910. The Odd Fellows Company was formed to build a suitable building for these Lodges to meet. A site was chosen on 21st St in the heart of the downtown business district. Architect W.W. LaChance designed a unique building in the classical style, ornamented with elaborate terra cotta and with sculptured heads supporting the pediment. Even the stairs to the basement area balance the stairs to the upper level.

The Odd Fellows Temple opened in 1912, just as the development boom was turning into a bust, many of the members were affected by the turn of the economy in Saskatoon, so the opening was a welcome diversion.

Saskatoon's first public library opened in the basement in the spring of 1913, there were 900 books in the collection in May of that year. The library had separate reading rooms for ladies and for children. In 1923 the library moved to its own building.

Two women's lodges, Queen Esther Rebekah Lodge #5 and the Rebekah Lodge #24 began meeting upstairs after the library moved out of the Temple. The Oddfellows were the first Saskatoon men's organization to bring women in.

The Oddfellows sold the building to the Saskatoon Labour Council in 1959. The Labour Council built a Union Centre on Fairlight Drive and moved there in 1972. The building once again changed hands and now has a restaurant in the basement and office space upstairs.



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