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Old Fire Hall #3 
Broadway and 11th 1912 - 1958 Fire Hall #3

Fire Hall #3 was opened in 1912. It had a water tower on the south side, and had stables attatched for the specially trained fire horses. The main building has survived the years and was renovated by Ken Achs and converted to a restaurant. Both sets of the original double doors and the ornate tin ceiling in the main hall have been restored. Many artifacts from the Capitol Theatre are incorporated into the decor. The main hall is now the main dining room, there is a second dining area upstairs, above the main hall, in what was the dormatory for the firemen.

The use of horses was phased out as newer, gasoline powered trucks replaced the horse-drawn equipment. The water tower was also removed in 1934, by then it was no longer used to supply the Nutana area with tap water as well as supplying the fire hydrants. The building has had a number of additions over the years. A photo from the thirties shows a single story building (offices and garage) in what is now the alley. The present entrance to the restaurant is at least the third structure to be built on that side of the main building.

Old Fire Hall #3



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