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Pioneer Cemetery
St. Henry Avenue

Pioneer (Nutana) Cemetery is found west of the Exhibition grounds on the river bank. The first burial was Robert Clark, who died from pneumonia caught while fighting a prairie fire. He and his son were homesteaders. His son hurried south to get the rest of the family, making the round trip in record time. Robert died the day after his family arrived in Saskatoon, May, 1884.

Nutana cemetery was in general use from 1884 until 1911, after 1911 its use was restricted. The cemetery was officially recognized in 1889. The Nutana Cemetery Company became the owner of the property in 1905. The City of Saskatoon took over the cemetery in 1910. Burials were then restricted to members of the Nutana Cemetery Company, owners of plots in the cemetery, or their families. There were 162 burials in the cemetery, the last burial taking place in 1948.

As early as 1904 the unstable river bank caused problems, part of Nutana Cemetery grounds fell into the river, some of the earliest burials were relocated to safer ground. In 1969 and 1984 bank collapses occurred and more graves were relocated.

Pioneer Cemetery



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