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Superintendent's Residence, Forestry Farm Park 

The residence was built in 1913 as a home for the Superintendent of the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station. The house is a designated Municipal Heritage Site and is an integral feature of the Forestry Farm/Nursery Station site. The Sutherland Forest Nursery Station, including the Superintendent's Residence, was recognized as a site of national historic significance by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada in 1991.

Three other original buildings remain, the pumphouse, a bunkhouse and the packing shed. Many of the original shelterbelts remain and the roadways still follow their original routes. Many trees date from the early years and the layout of the ornamental beds have changed little over the years.

The Superintendent's Residence has been vacant for some time and its condition has deteriorated, essential repairs have been made to prevent further deteriation, but the Superintendent's Residence faces an uncertain future.

Excerpted from GARGOYLE, Vol 19, number 1 Peggy Sarjeant

Late in 1996 a formal organization was formed to focus and lead the community effort to restore the Superintendent's House for the future enjoyment of the community.

Superintendent's Residence



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